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Parish Administration & Leadership Resources

This page lists policies and information relevant to lay leaders, parish administrators, vestry members, and many aspects of church operation. Here you can find forms, guidelines, and links to support managing parish finances, insurance, licensing, parochial reports, and more. 

Alcohol Policy


The Canons of the Episcopal Church require annual audits for all parishes, missions, and other institutions. The canons permit the auditing of congregational accounts by "an independent Certified Public Accountant," by "an independent licensed public accountant," or by such a committee as shall be authorized by Fiscal Ministries, or by the appropriate diocesan authority. While audits by CPAs are preferred, committee audits can be performed using alternative audit procedures to accommodate parishes with limited income.​

Diocesan Financials

Diocesan Grants & Loans

Diocesan Pledges

Church Property & Real Estate Transactions

When a church in the Diocese of Western North Carolina wants to sell (alienate), purchase (encumber), alter existing property, or secure bank financing for property-related transactions (encumber), parish leaders must submit a Property Transaction Form to the bishop's office to receive the required approval from the bishop, Standing Committee, Executive Council and Diocesan Trustees. Parish leaders are strongly encouraged to notify the Canon to the Ordinary with any questions and the intention to submit the necessary form.

Church Personnel Management


Investments and Gifts

Lay Leadership

Lay leadership keeps our churches and our diocese moving forward. From vestry members and staff to lectors and acolytes, our communities thrive when lay people get involved. Some lay ministries require licensing from the bishop and extra training, while others require only dedication and drive. Explore the Lay Leader Licensing page for details on who needs a license, and check out the Lay Leadership Resources page for helpful information on how to grow and thrive in lay leadership.

Manual of Business Methods in Church Affairs

A comprehensive, user-friendly manual from The Episcopal Church. The manual supports the increasingly complex work of all treasurers and parish administrators, and it includes forms, such as the parochial report form, with instructions.

Parochial Report - Due March 1st

The Parochial Report, established by the Constitution and Canons of The Episcopal Church, is a tool for collecting data intended to assist The Episcopal Church in planning for its mission. Every church in the Diocese of Western North Carolina must file a parochial report.


Treasurer Tools

Vestry Leadership

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