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Grants & Loans

Fiscal Ministries Grants and Loans

One of the tasks of this committee is to review and approve specific grants and loans of diocesan funds. Here are the funds Fiscal Ministries directly supervises. Parishes and institutions applying for these funds must present their initial requests to this group. Requests are then forwarded to the Executive Council of the Diocese for final approval. The staff liaison is the Chief Financial Officer.




Human Hurt and Hope Grants

These grants are intended to support new initiatives and innovative ministries that involve Episcopalians directly in hands-on ministries that respond to human needs. 


Global Mission Grants

Funds from the Global Mission Committee support international and domestic projects. Preference will be given to applications with stated purpose related to the Sustainable Development Goals. Applications for these grants are due no later than May 1. Questions regarding Global Mission Grants can be directed to The Rev. Clare Barry, Deacon.

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Justice and Outreach Grants

The Justice and Outreach Committee will consider grant proposals for diocesan initiatives that meet the following funding criteria: Engages people in ministry that is focused on a justice and outreach issue, builds capacity in the local community and/or across the diocese to improve the quality of life for the poor, lonely, and/or disenfranchised through collaboration, has an end result that transforms the community and/or the diocese​. 


Congregational Vitality Grants

The Diocese of Western North Carolina offers annual Congregational Vitality grants to support churches in their redevelopment work. As in 2020, technology is one acceptable purpose area. Please note, if you received a Congregational Vitality Grant in 2020 for technology purposes, you are not eligible for a CV Grant in 2021 for additional technology. If you have any questions, please contact our Chief Financial Officer or Canon to the Ordinary. 


Foundation Grants

The Episcopal Foundation of Western North Carolina is a non-profit corporation founded in 1963 by Bishop Henry with an initial gift from Mr. Charles Timson.  The Foundation operates under its own independent charter, and the members of the Board of Directors are elected at the annual convention of the Diocese. The Foundation uses the income from its investments primarily to make grants up to $20,000 to small parishes and institutions in the diocese that otherwise can’t afford it for building programs, renovations, capital improvements and major repairs. Parishes and institutions applying for these funds must present their initial requests to both the Fiscal Ministries Committee and the Foundation’s Board of Directors.

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