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The Episcopal Foundation of WNC

The Foundation was founded in 1963 to hold funds to be used “to foster, develop and contribute to the support of the religious, educational and charitable work of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the Diocese of WNC, or elsewhere, by making gifts, grants, loans and advances solely and exclusively for religious, educational and charitable purposes to any individual, organization, institution, agency other body within the Church or associated or affiliated in any way with the Church.” The Board consists of 9 members and the Bishop. Meetings are held no more frequently than quarterly. Members’ responsibilities include: making a modest (minimum $10) contribution to the Foundation; becoming a member of the “Living Stones Society” (leaving money to either the Diocese or Parish), attending all meetings, except in unavoidable conflict, soliciting contributions for endowment, speaking in parish/vestry about Foundation & activities; reading individual grant requests before the meeting; and occasionally visiting applicant site before awarding grant, if site is near Board member. Members must be communicants in good standing in the Episcopal Church.

Current Members
  • The Rt. Rev. José A. McLoughlin

  • Sheree Brady, Chair

  • Stan Allison

  • Lee Berger

  • Allen Fullwood

  • JoAnn Hasskamp

  • Kathy Ledbetter

  • Dillon Manley

  • Paul Ormond

  • John Russell

  • Dale Ward

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