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Discern God's Call for Ministry

In the Episcopal Church, we believe that all people are called to ministry by virtue of baptism. The process of identifying, celebrating, and using our talents and gifts in the church and in the world is understood as “discernment.” The Diocese of Western North Carolina encourages leaders at the parish level to be companions on the journey of discernment with every lay member as they discover how they are called to participate in God’s redeeming work in the world.


Sometimes individuals, alongside their congregation, discern gifts that may suggest a call to ordained ministry of a deacon or a priest in the church. The diocese desires ordained leaders who will equip our congregations to adapt to new realities and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ in ways that speak to the varied contexts and cultures of our communities.


Below, you will find documents you will need should you begin down the path of discernment.


Suggested reading for further discernment:​

For more information, contact the diocesan office at 828-225-6656.

The Diocese of Western North Carolina is proud to be home to Iona WNC, a part of the Iona Collaborative, a consortium of dozens of Episcopal dioceses seeking to expand availability to a rigorous but accessible theological education. Click here to visit the Iona WNC page and learn more.

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