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Foundation Grant

The Episcopal Foundation of Western North Carolina is a non-profit corporation founded in 1963 by Bishop Henry with an initial gift from Mr. Charles Timson.  The Foundation operates under its own independent charter, and the members of the Board of Directors are elected at the annual convention of the Diocese. The Foundation uses the income from its investments to make grants up to $20,000 exclusively for charitable, educational, religious, and scientific purposes. Parishes and institutions applying for these funds must present their initial request to a joint meeting the board of The Episcopal Foundation of Western North Carolina and the diocesan Finance Committee.

On April 17, the Foundation Board voted effective immediately:

  1. To reduce the maximum grant from $20,000 to $15,000, and

  2. To restrict the number of application presentations per meeting to no more than 3 including any joint grant/loan combos.

This is a permanent change in order to help as many parishes as possible while withdrawing no more than 4% of funds for grants annually. We will no longer roll over any amount unspent in a previous year.


It is not unusual to receive a grant award for less than the amount requested due to the increase in applications in the post-Covid era.

You may also consider applying for an interest-free loan from the Diocese.

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