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Safeguarding & Securing Our Churches

Below you will find resources for you and your parish or diocesan organization to help ensure a safe church for all. If you have further questions or need help with Safe Church Training, please contact Eden Lewis.

Keeping our Churches Safe from
Sexual Misconduct

Jesus Christ calls us to loving relationships that are healthy and helpful to each other. The obligation to seek and serve Christ in all persons and to respect the dignity of every human being is binding for all the baptized. Educating and empowering the people of our diocese is central to creating and maintaining churches and activities that are safe for everyone.


The Diocese of Western North Carolina requires many ministry positions and volunteers to complete Safe Church Training. All Safe Church Training is now done through online modules by Praesidium Academy. Those required to take Safe Church Training are listed here in our Required Training List. 

Every church is encouraged to assign an administrator to keep track of parishioner's training. If you need help setting up your administrator, please contact Eden Lewis.


Who is required to take Safeguarding Training?

  • All clergy—whether stipendiary, non-stipendiary, or otherwise—who are engaged in any ministry or service to the church. Active Clergy are required to take all modules. 

  • All persons who teach, supervise or assist with supervising children or youth in ministries, programs or activities more often than occasionally. 

  • All paid or volunteer church personnel whose work regularly takes them throughout the facility or grounds

  • All persons who provide transportation to children or youth without other adults in the vehicle more than occasionally

  • All vestry members or members of similar decision-making groups who have the authority to approve the creation of ministries, programs or activities for children or youth.

Below, you will find the resources you need to help prevent sexual misconduct.

Safe Church Policies

There are several policies guiding the church in right relationships with children of all ages.

Background Checks

The Episcopal Diocese of Western North Carolina has contracted with a company called Secure Search Faith to conduct background checks. Learn more here.​


Additional Resources

Safeguarding Online Training

We recommend that each church in the diocese appoint a designated administrator for the online Safeguarding training. Once you designate an administrator, Eden Lewis is available to walk your administrator through the online system. Your administrator will then be able to enroll other members of your parish. If you do not have a parish safeguarding administrator, contact Eden and she will help set up an account for you.



​Required modules for the different trainings are as follows:

General for all:

  • Safe Church, Safe Communities: Introduction & Theological Background

  • Safe Church, Safe Communities: Organizational Rules & Policies

  • Safe Church, Safe Communities: Healthy Boundaries

  • Safe Church, Safe Communities: Inclusion

  • Duty to Report: Mandated Reporter

  • Policies: Diocese of Western North Carolina

Those working with children/youth:

  • Keeping Your Church Safe

  • Abuse Risk Management for Volunteers

  • Abuse Prevention Refresher

  • Social Media Safety

  • Safe Church, Safe Communities: Bullying

  • Preventing Sexual Activity Between Young Children

Those ministering
among adults:

  • Safe Church, Safe Communities: Power and Relationships

  • Safe Church, Safe Communities: Pastoral Relationships

  • Safe Church, Safe Communities: Abuse and Neglect

  • Abuse Risk Management for Volunteers

  • Recognizing Abuse and Exploitation in Elder Serving Programs

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