Safe Church Background Checks

The Episcopal Diocese of Western North Carolina has contracted with a company called Secure Search Faith to conduct background checks. Every parish should open an account (free) with Secure Search Faith as soon as possible.

How to conduct a background check with Secure Search Faith

  • Apply for a parish account with Secure Search Faith. Call to set one up: (toll-free) 866-378-8389, ext. 102. Be sure to let them know you are a parish in the Episcopal Diocese of Western North Carolina so that the account set-up fee will be waived. Once you are approved, you will be sent a user name and password to login to the Secure Search Faith website. Then, you can begin processing background checks.

  • All background checks are done online using Secure Search Faith’s AppScreen module. You will log into your Secure Search Faith account, and enter your applicant’s details (First Name, Last Name, Email Address). Then, the applicant will receive an email and follow a simple authorization process online (this takes less than 5 minutes). Secure Search Faith is more than happy to walk you through the process the first time you do one.

  • Once all services within the applicant background check report are complete, a notification email will be sent to both the applicant and you. Both emails will include a link to the Secure Search Faith login page. Utilize your login credentials to enter the SecureSearch Faith Platform and review the results.


Costs and Services

  • The Episcopal Diocese of WNC Screening Package (Protection Package) - $14

    • This includes a multi-state criminal search; national sex offender search, Social Security Number validation, Social Security Number death index search, name and address history search for the past 30 years, and an alias search. It also includes a county courthouse review of criminal records for the past seven years, and a “red-flag review” by Secure Search Faith personnel. Secure Search Faith will add $8 per county if a person has lived outside of NC within the last 7 years or if a red flag has come up.

  • Credit Report - $10

    • For any applicant that will have a financial component in their position.

  • Motor Vehicle Report - $5 + $18 State Fee

    • For any applicant who will be driving a parish-owned vehicle, transporting parishioners, or visiting parishioners off-site.


Note for Clergy
Secure Search Faith can only be used for clergy seeking a license to serve. For clergy new to the Episcopal Diocese of Western North Carolina who will have cure at a parish, background checks will be done using Oxford Documents, and the cost for the background check will be incurred by the clergy or the parish they are serving. The initial cost for an Oxford Document background screening is $155 and can cost more depending on how many jurisdictions the clergy has lived.

Contact Info

Secure Search Faith is a very user-friendly company and they respond quickly to questions and concerns. Please feel free to contact them at any point for help at 866-378-8389 or The contact information is also listed on the first page of the consent form instructions. The contact at the Diocese for questions is the Kelly Stephenson, Assistant for Finance and Diocesan Life, 828-225-6656 x 1000 or


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