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Are You Feeling Called to Youth Ministry?

By Charlotte Garcia

Did you know that youth ministry is more than just leading Sunday School and youth events?

A big part of youth ministry is making connections with our young people and giving them positive role models within the church. This could mean attending sporting events, advocating for the youth in your church, and even financially supporting the youth program at your church.

The power of building connections with youth can do a world of good in their lives. These connections give our young people encouragement to explore the world and who they want to be. Youth ministry reminds them that their church family is cheering them on, and that can give them the confidence to do things they had doubted before.

For me, the adults who were involved in my journey through youth in my home church, Holy

Family of Mills River, and through the Diocese still have a huge impact on my life. I remember Augusta Anderson, David McNair, and John and Barbara Simpson spiritually feeding me at Camp Henry. Kerry Jones was the best youth leader Holy Family could have provided me at my young age. Later in my life, the connections I made while on Youth Council with Osondu, the Nancys, Jill Meares, and Debbie Cox have shaped me and encouraged me to be exactly who I am today.

They and countless others had a hand in helping me grow my relationship with Christ, deeply love the Episcopal Church, and foster a love for youth ministry. Now I get to help

youth grow that love and learn about their faith. It's a real full-circle moment for me.

You never know who you will reach or how you will reach them when it comes to youth ministry. You may make an impact and not even know it, but I can guarantee you will not regret getting involved if you feel called.

If you want to get involved with the youth program at your church, here is what you can do:

  1. Contact your priest or youth leader and express your interest in helping the program.

  2. Get in touch with whoever oversees "Safe-Guarding God’s Children" at your church and have them send you the program. This is required for anyone wanting to spend time with our young people.

  3. Get ready to have the time of your life and watch the youth program grow!

If your church does not have many young people and you feel called to youth ministry, please reach out to Charlotte Garcia at to learn how you can get involved!


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