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Civil Discourse

In an increasingly polarized and divided society, the capacity to productively talk about things that matter with family, friends and neighbors is not only a Gospel value but it is also essential for vital communities.


The Diocese of Western North Carolina and many churches actively promote practices that promote civil discourse and teach the tools necessary for healthy conversations, proactive listening and compassion. Below are several resources to assist you and your congregation to integrate habits and attitudes that promote mutual understanding.

The Civil Discourse Curriculum - created by the Presiding Bishop’s Office and the Office of Government Relations, this curriculum is designed “to help folks understand and practice civil discourse…and why it is so important to living out our Gospel call and solving the problems facing our communities, country and the world.”

Talking About Things That Matter - created by the parish of St. Luke's Episcopal Church, Boone, NC, this model comes out of "an awareness that our society is deeply divided, and it seems harder than ever to talk across those divides. We have seen this wider societal dynamic impact our congregational life, and our awareness of this division has awakened in us a deep desire to grow our capacity to have conversations about things that matter."

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