Core Values, Identity, & Mission

Our Centennial Mission is to honor and celebrate our stories, highlight our core values, and cast a vision for next 100 years. We are honored to do it alongside you, our parishioners, clergy, and staff.

As we celebrate 100 years of being an established diocese, we also reflect on the many ways we have fallen short. From the church's treatment of our native brothers and sisters to the lack of representation for marginalized communities in church spaces, we confess we, as the people of God, have not always lived into our baptismal vows. As we look forward into the next 100 years and beyond, may we center our focus on being a living example of God's love in the world. This begins with each one of us.

Below, please explore our core values and mission as a diocese or click here to find stories of how we have lived into these values, past, present, and future.


Missionary Zeal

Many of our early diocesan communities have roots as missionary outposts. Since the beginning, our diocese has identified with a strong passion for mission and with sharing the good news of God through service. To learn more about our missionary zeal, please visit our history page.

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Love of Jesus

Our shared love of Jesus is at the root of all that we do as a diocese and a community of faith. As Christians, we are called to live our lives in obedience of God's calling and in serving God through our actions. To learn more about what we believe, please visit our What Is An Episcopalian page.

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Pioneer Spirit of Adventure and Simplicity

Like many who call Appalachia home, our stories are rooted in people who yearned for simplicity of life and for a connection with nature. This is reflected in the pioneer spirit on which many of our churches were founded. To learn more, please visit our Mountain Missionary Spirit page.

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Our diocese is committed to embodying and practicing the way of Jesus in every facet of our life. Community engagement in local mission and action is at the core of our call as Christians to live into our baptismal covenant. Learn more about Community Engagement here.



Our roots in service mean a dedication to serving all of God's people--the hungry, the weak, the disabled and the marginalized. We are are committed to finding many ways to serve, not just in our diocese but throughout WNC. Finds ways to serve on our Local Action page.

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Hospitality means offering care to our immigrants and refugees. It means taking care of the sick and hungry. It means opening our church doors to all people and welcoming them inside to join a church family. 

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Truth Telling

Telling the truth of God's good will for the sake of the world is a core tenant of our Baptismal Covenant. In order to continue the work of Building Beloved Community, we are also called to tell the truth about our own history and to right the wrongs we have committed. 

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Love of Environment

We are blessed to call the beauty of Western North Carolina home and as Christians we are called to be stewards that beauty. As a diocese, we work to keep creation care at the core of our ministry, paying mind to the environment with every action. Learn more on our Creation Care page.

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Ability to Look Back While Moving Forward

We recognize that in order to move forward, we must be able to reflect on the past. As a diocese, we recognize and acknowledge the many ways in which we have not lived into God's word, and promise to walk in the Way of Jesus these next 100 years.