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Spanish Speaking Ministries

Our Diocesan Missioner for Latino Ministries is the Rev. Oscar Rozo. Originally from Bogotá, Colombia, Rozo's parents grounded both he and his two younger brothers in Christian beliefs and practices through their example and teaching. 

He is passionate about social justice, multicultural ministry, and community development. He enjoys playing and listening to music, hiking, and having family time. Read more about his vision for Latino Ministry here, or watch the video attached. 

During the 1990s, Bishop Robert Johnson and others recognized that Western North Carolina was becoming home for one the fastest growing Latino populations in the country. Bishop Johnson worked to establish our first Spanish-speaking mission at La Capilla de Santa Maria in Hendersonville and to call our first Latino Missioner, the Rev. Tim Hoyt.


Today, the diocese has a vibrant Spanish-speaking ministry with four mission sites across the diocese, numerous parish ministries serving their Spanish-speaking neighbors, and two full-time Latino missioners.


Our current Missioner for Spanish Speaking Ministries is the Rev. Oscar Rozo. If you would like to learn more about our Spanish Speaking Ministries, please contact the Rev. Rozo.

La Misa en Español / Spanish Services in the diocese (find a map of our Latino Ministries below)


The Church of La Capilla de Santa Maria. 

La Capilla-3.jpg

The congregation at La Capilla, June 2021

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