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St. James Partners with Coins for Change

Each year, a ministry of St. Vincent’s Episcopal Church in St. Petersburg, FL, titled “Coins for Change,” partners with missions and parishes all across the island of Cuba to provide Vacation Bible Schools to children and their parents. This year St. James, Hendersonville, became a new partner.

For many children and adults, this will be their first significant experience with Jesus Christ and the Church after decades of oppression and religious persecution.  They will sing songs, play games, listen to stories, pray, do arts and crafts, and make memories that will last a lifetime.  But most of all, they will come to know God’s love through the clergy and lay leaders serving them.

We are happy to announce that due to the generosity of St. James, we received a grand total of $1,786.32 in our small Coins for Change boxes.  This amount will provide an enriching experience for more than 200 children and adults this coming summer.  The significance of having members of our congregation follow the Magi to offer their gifts to the Christ Child at the manger during the Christmas pageant couldn’t have been more appropriate. Small boxes lovingly given can make great change in the lives of others. 


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