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St. James Hears from Dream Scholarship Recipients

By Mindy Campos, Director of Operations for Administration and Communication at St. James, Hendersonville

St. James Episcopal Church in Downtown Hendersonville hosted a special Adult Formation Program celebrating the two Dream Scholarship/DACA Students they sponsor from A-B Tech on Sunday, Feb. 11.

The two A-B Tech students made heart-warming presentations about their young lives in Mexico, their dangerous journey to Henderson County and their difficult times in the school system having arrived as young children with little or no English. They revealed their desire to gain a post-secondary education to help their families even before themselves. The adults at St. James were spellbound as the students related their hardships, their goals, their commitment to their families and to God. These students are one step closer to reaching their goals. One will graduate this spring in Radiology, the other next year in Dental Hygiene.

St. James has partnered with 4 other churches for 12 years to provide more than 50 Dream Scholarships to undocumented students. These are Henderson County high school graduates who have spent most of their lives in the county but must pay out of state tuition since they are not considered state residents. DACA (Deferred Action Childhood Arrivals) students pay approximately $2500 more per semester by state statute since they are considered “Out of State” students.  However, a non-profit can sponsor up to five students and, by paying their tuition, the students come under in-state tuition guidelines.

This Adult Formation gathering was a touching and informative session for the 40+ adults who attended. And, this strengthened St. James’ commitment to reach out and provide for those who need just a little help to succeed and become contributing members of our community. As stated in Leviticus 19:33-34 “When an alien lives with you in your land, do not mistreat him…  Love him as yourself…”. At St. James, such programs help us to live our mission to – Welcome All, Love All, Serve All.

Alondra and Alin with mentor and St. James parishioner, Larry Winecoff.


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