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Holy Communion Accepts Choir Robes from St. Philip's

Recently, the choir of St. Philip's in Brevard posted a listing offering to donate their choir robes to any who had need of them. The Parish of the Holy Communion responded. Deacon-in-Charge, the Rev. Perry Hildreth, expresses his thanks:

"When I first came to the Parish of the Holy Communion, I hoped that at some point we might find a way to outfit our choir with vestments. So, when I saw the offer of the used vestments from St. Philip’s in Brevard, I immediately responded.  We are so grateful to St. Philip’s for sharing these vestments with us.  In our small church, they have helped set our choir apart in worship and made our worship services even more festive! 


For me, the generosity of St. Philip’s is a reminder that our diocese is not merely an office in Asheville but rather a living community of Episcopal Christians scattered around this part of North Carolina."  


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