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Diocese Youth Represent at Regional Networking Event

By Charlotte Garcia, Diocesan Youth Coordinator

Youth Council members from the Episcopal Diocese of Western North Carolina Ruby Anderson, Nathaniel Houghton, and J'myus Johnson recently joined Charlotte Garcia and Frank Townsend at the Provence IV Youth Networking Meeting at Camp Saint Christopher in Seabrook Island, SC.

They met with fellow youth, youth leaders, priests, and youth missioners from 14 other dioces in Prov. IV. They played games, learned new ice breakers, and had small group sessions. Bishop José joined the group for breakfast, where they explored questions about faith journeys and dreams for future programming.

Youth also got to hear about what each diocese is doing for their youth programming, what is working and what is not, and where programming may be going in the future.

All five came home with a new sense of excitement and inspiration to lead our diocesan youth in a meaningful way! J'myus was also invited to apply to be a youth representative for Prov. IV at the General Convention this summer. He has applied, so please join us in prayer for him and his ministry!

The connections made, skills learned, and spiritual renewal inspired these youth council members to dive deeper into their spiritual journies with the youth, and it is exciting to see how Ruby, Nathaniel, and J'myus work to inspire other youth in our diocese.


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