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Camp Henry book celebrates Centennial

Author and historian Craig Thompson Friend pulled together the history of Camp Henry in his new book: Camp Henry: The History of Summer Camp in the Episcopal Diocese of Western North Carolina.

The book was published in connection with the 100th anniversary of the Episcopal Diocese of Western North Carolina to celebrate the summer camp that has benefited youth and inspired leadership since its inception in 1959.

Craig Thompson Friend

Friend grew up attending Camp Henry when it was located at In-The-Oaks, an estate including a 240,000 square-foot Tudor style house that was gifted to the diocese in the late 1950s. He served as a camp counselor in high school and later became the director of Camp Henry in 1986. As a historian, Friend wrote the book to contribute to the written record of the Western North Carolina Diocese.

"I think the book relates an important story in the Diocese," Friend said. "You can actually count the number of people who are campers or counselors who go on to full-time ministry. They see the synergy between theology and ministry and camping it inspires them to become members of the clergy."

The book is full of photos of campers and activities from various years. It tells the story of how Camp Henry came to be established under Bishop M. George Henry and how it evolved through the years with traditions and legends and the move to Lake Logan.

"There's a lot of connections with the larger diocesan structure through Camp Henry," Friend said. "You can see Camp Henry's emergence in relation to other diocesan institutions."

All proceeds from the book go to support Camp Henry. It may be purchased online through the Lake Logan auction. Or onsite at the Lake Logan Retreat Center in Canton.


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