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Cami's Corner - How Cami Roberts is creating children's ministry from home.

When the impact of the COVID-19 virus started keeping people at home, Cami Roberts knew she was going to have to get creative. As the Christian Formation Leader for St. Alban's Parish in Hickory, NC, Roberts knew she wanted to find a way to continue sparking faith discussions with children and youth, even as many worshipped from home.

"I started working at St. Alban's in 2009 as their Children's Christian Formation Leader," Roberts said. "Since then I have expanded my role to youth, church communications, and outreach events. The children's ministry gives me an opportunity to have real relationships with families through the years, all the way through the child's high school graduation and beyond!"

With church forced to take place virtually to prevent the spread of the virus, Roberts began brainstorming how she could continue to connect with the children, creating community even if physically apart. The result was "Cami's Corner," a weekly video created with the children of St. Alban's in mind. In the videos, Roberts finds creative ways to share the Gospel Readings of the week--from Godly Play to reading books to story time with her pup Marcus!

"My inspiration came from my longing to reach my St. Alban's family in a way that is familiar to the kids, funny, and many times correlates to the Gospel Reading from the service," Roberts said. "Even though we can't be together at church, we still are able to stay connected."

The videos have brought joy to the members of St. Alban's Parish, and have even expanded outside of children's ministry.

"Cami's Corner has reached beyond the kids," Roberts said. "I get so many emails from folks whose children have grown. Many times they pass them along to their grandchildren!"

With Cami's Corner bringing creativity and community to the members of St. Alban's, Roberts said she wants to continue utilizing technology to connect with families who unable to attend in-person services.

"I never thought I would be doing this, but I have learned so much in regards to technology!" Roberts said. "Doing this has definitely inspired me to make sure that in the future, when we are able to resume services, I reach out to families who can't make it to church, for whatever reasons, in ways like this. I'm not trained in religious studies, but I just want to provide opportunities for kids to grow into good people, to treat others as we would like to be treated. If I do that, then I think I've done my job."

To view all episodes of Cami's Corner, visit the St. Alban's Youtube Channel.


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