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A Reflection on Dismantling Racism Training

by The Rev. Deacon Clare Barry, The Cathedral of All Souls


Recently, I attended the Diocese of Western North Carolina’s Dismantling Racism Training at Calvary, Fletcher.  As a former teacher and social worker, I felt everyone in our diocese should attend this workshop. In particular, I learned most of Black history in the United States is not included in any standard American history textbook.

These are some of the experiences that we encountered together: We created a black history timeline; most of the events on the timeline were unfamiliar to a number of us. We learned first-hand what Archdeacon Brenda Gilbert and the Rev. Toni Belhu experience as persons of color. 

We witnessed a heartbreaking film that conveyed how Black toddlers incorporate the fact that their blackness is not something to be desired; instead, they showed a distinct preference to be white. 

Rather than share everything we experienced, I encourage you to attend the next Dismantling Racism Training. You will encounter transformational sessions and ways in which we can become the Beloved Community that Jesus modeled throughout his ministry.

Anyone interested in the next Dismantling Racism Training or the Becoming Beloved Community effort in our diocese may reach out to Archdeacon Brenda Gilbert through email at


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