In 1976, the General Convention of the Episcopal Church declared that “homosexual persons are children of God who have a full and equal claim with all other persons upon the love, acceptance, and pastoral concern and care of the Church" (1976-A069). Since then, faithful Episcopalians have been working toward a greater understanding and radical inclusion of all of God’s children. Indeed, the Diocese of Western North Carolina is committed to the leadership, ministry, equality and well-being of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning Episcopalians and their families.


Below are resources for you to connect with welcoming congregations and advocate for LGBTQ persons in our communities.

  • Integrity USA is an Episcopal LGBTQ organization that seeks to proclaim and embody the all-inclusive love of God through worship, education, and advocacy.

  • Q Christian Fellowship is a non-denomination network to advocate, educate and support churches on actively welcoming and including LGBTQ persons in their faith community. 

  • Queer Theology

  • Believe Outloud

Images from Asheville Pride 2018. 

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