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Diocesan Partnership with Cuba

For many years, multiple parishes in the Diocese of Western North Carolina have supported and built relationships with the Diocese of Cuba and its churches. Watch the video or read some of the reflections below to learn more! 

Want to donate to this ministry? Please select "Partners in Mission" and add "Cuba" as a memo. Thank you for your support of this ministry! 

If your church is interested in developing relationships with congregations in Cuba, there are several clergy and lay leaders who could assist you in identifying next steps. Contact the Canon to the Ordinary to learn more.

Below are reflections and helpful words of wisdom from local parish leaders on their experiences in Cuba:

Cuba Clergy Photo.jpg

Clergy members of the Diocese of Cuba.

David Hensley 06.jpeg

Members of Trinity, Asheville helping paint the church of San Franciso de Asis, Cardenes


The Right Rev. Griselda Delgado Del Carpio, bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Cuba speaks at our Centennial Convention.

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