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Budget Road Tour



The process for developing and discerning the diocesan budget is an intentional process that involves multiple opportunities for participation from many people throughout the diocese. In the early part of every summer, a memo is sent out to the whole diocese inviting people to submit proposals for budget expenditures, including new mission initiatives or ministry programs. All submissions are reviewed by the executive team of the diocese, including the Treasurer, and then incorporated into a draft budget which is reviewed for any amendments by the Executive Committee of the Diocese at their August meeting. 

The dates for the 2024 Virtual Budget Road Tour are Tuesday, September 24, and Thursday, September 26. 


This proposed draft budget is then shared with the wider diocese every September through the annual Budget Road Tour. The 2024 Budget Road Tour will by by Zoom. Copies of the draft budget are provided to those who participate in the September presentations. On these Budget Road Tour Zoom meetings, the executive team (Bishop, Treasurer, and CFO) presents the proposed budget, answers questions and welcomes participant suggestions. If any suggestions are offered, people are invited to provide creative ideas to maintain a balanced budget. The Executive Council reviews the draft budget at their October meeting and then presents a final draft to the annual Convention of the Diocese, no less than two weeks prior to Convention. Convention is the canonical body that adopts the annual diocesan budget for the proceeding year.


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