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Racial Reconciliation, Justice,
and Equity

The Diocese of Western North Carolina has a long-standing commitment to dismantling and eradicating racism in our church, communities, and worldwide. We are blessed by the ongoing and compelling work of our diocesan Commission to Dismantle Racism, which exists to name, confess, resist, and confront the sin of racism through prayer, education, advocacy, and action. Learn about the history of the Commission here.

While much progress has been made, there is still work to be done to achieve the biblical imperative of unity in Christ. We invite you and your church to join us in this important Gospel imperative.



Facilitators from the Building Beloved Community Commission lead workshops for congregations and other diocesan organizations. Through interactive exercises, videos, and small group discussions, participants explore how institutional and systemic racism impede our ability to create an inclusive community. This workshop helps to raise awareness that dismantling racism is a spiritual discipline grounded in our Baptismal Covenant.

For information about offering please visit the Events Page or contact Archdeacon Brenda Gilbert. 

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