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About the Creative Peacemakers Program

The Creative Peacemakers program looks a bit different this year, but we are up and running! Creative Peacemakers is an after-school art & peacemaking enrichment experience for children, K-4. We are in our 6th year working & playing with children who live in the Deaverview Apartments and are attending Johnston Elementary. Volunteers and artists in the community assist with activities.

As an outreach ministry of St. George's, our mission is to bring peace to our communities by helping children practice peacemaking through cooperative play and creative expression (drawing, weaving, painting, sculpture, dance, music, collage, gardening, cooking, and more).

In place of on-site after-school activities this year, we have put together “activity boxes” that we have delivered to the children. These boxes include colored pencils, markers, scissors, glue, paint, etc. for crafts, as well as books, a “Feelings Wheel” that the kids use to express their emotions and learn how to respond productively.  We have added newsletters for the parents to help the family be involved more actively.

On most Thursday afternoons, we visit the kids at their apartments (masked, of course) to deliver new activities, as well as snacks for the kids and food for the families. On the days when the weather is nice, we gather up the kids and play outside on the playground.

We provide snacks for the kids about once a week. Currently, Trinity Episcopal Church is helping to provide snacks and materials once a month. If you are interested in donating to our program, please contact Noel Schwartz at 901-274-3106 or at Learn more about Creative Peacemakers at


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