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Beau's Story

My mother was an alcoholic and my father died of alcoholism when I was 16. All I remember were the fights between my parents and then my mother's embarrassing behavior when she was falling down drunk. At sports, PTA, and when my friends visited. I swore I would never be like either one of them. Then one day it happened. I found myself looking into the mirror at the same face I remembered seeing every morning. Swollen eyes, puffy face, black and blues everywhere and I couldn't remember where I'd left my car, or, who this person was in my bed.


After fighting getting help, I thought I would ask a friend that went to AA if he thought I was an alcoholic. He put his arm around me and said, "I don't know. Only you know. But if you'd like to join me at a meeting, I'd love to take you."


I couldn't believe how kind everyone was. I felt so broken and thought these people are willing to catch me in my brokenness and teach me how to live without drinking. I can't say I made it the first time, but now I have 2 years and my life has totally changed. I love my job, my family loves me and I have hope for the future. No amount of drinking ever made me feel this good. Beau P.


Don't quit before the miracle!

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