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Trustees hold title to and administer all real properties and all entrusted funds not owned by congregations; the Trustees are responsible for the administration of a significant portion of Diocesan trust funds. They meet approximately six times a year. Elected members having served a full term shall be ineligible for reelection for a period of one year. The Trustees of the diocese shall consist of the Bishop, the Chancellor, the Treasurer and five additional lay persons as members at large. Terms are five years.

Current members:


The Rt. Rev. José A. Mcloughlin, Bishop

Ed Bleynat, Chair – through 2024

Greg Hildebran, Chancellor – ex officio

Jack Parsons, Treasurer – ex officio

Jillian Ballard – through 2024

James Bowden – through 2026

Unelected slot for the 2022–2026 term

Unelected slot for the 2022–2025 term

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