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Standing Committee

The Standing Committee of the Diocese of Western North Carolina serves as a council of advice for the Bishop and is the Ecclesiastical Authority of the Diocese in the absence of a Bishop.


The Standing Committee gives consent for persons to become candidates for Holy Orders, consent for ordinations and consent for elections of bishops in other diocese. Likewise, the Standing Committee also provides consent to the sale or encumbrance of property of the Diocese of Western North Carolina.


Elected by Convention, the Standing Committee is comprised of four clergy and four lay members, each serving a four year term. Any member having served a full term shall be ineligible for reelection for a period of four years.

The Rev. Dr. Marshall Jolly - Grace, Morganton - Class of 2023, President of the Standing Committee

Ms. Christine Longoria - St. Mary's, Asheville - Class of 2023

The Rev. Jonathan Stepp - All Saints, Franklin - Class of 2024

Mr. William Hasskamp - St. James, Black Mountain - Class of 2024

The Rev. Andrew Hege – St. Mary of the Hills – Class of 2025

Ms. Jacque Dunbar – St. Luke’s, Boone – Class of 2025

The Rev. Susan Buchanan – St. James, Lenoir – Class of 2026

Ms. Jane Schronce – St. Luke's, Lincolnton – Class of 2026

Standing Committee Members

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