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The God Camera Project: Finding God in the Everyday

By: Megan Cox, Director, Episcopal Campus Ministry at UNC Asheville

At the beginning of the Spring Semester, I handed out disposable cameras to each individual in Episcopal Campus Ministry. The purpose of this Spiritual Practice, is that whenever you feel the presence of God or you are witness to a "God Moment" you are to snap & capture that photo.  What is a God Moment, you may ask...well, it might be a moment where you are admiring beauty, or it could be a moment where you and God were alone together, or it could BE a moment you simply wanted to capture to remind you of God's presence in the world.  The whole point of the exercise is to use this creative outlet to strengthen & connect them with their relationship with God. 

Here are some of the photos my students took over the course of the semester. Watch the video below or scroll to read more about the photos.



"This is a selfie I took with Mary Grace, Caitlin, and my friend Laney. On this evening, we were exploring in Black Mountain and got some of the best pizza in the world. We also bumped into Belle in the same pizza place that night and got to sit near her! I felt so loved. I was surrounded by genuine friends in a beautiful place."

"This is a photo of the pond behind my grandma’s house. She has Alzheimer's and likely can’t remember this, but I remember growing up fishing in this pond and playing in the creek nearby. My siblings and I have been going here more frequently during quarantine to explore and relive some of our best childhood memories."

"This is Grace Episcopal Church, my home church away from home. The people at Grace make me feel so loved, and the church takes my breath away. The music is beautiful, the people are wonderful, and after the service, Belle, Caitlin, and I would usually go get bagels and sometimes would go to the store. It was our Sunday tradition that I loved so much."









Shadow the cat, neighborhood trail green, wild front yard flowers, beach drive Fort Fisher



"I met a cat that looked and acted just like Max, a cat I used to have. Max brought us so much joy, but we lost him way too soon. This cat, who usually runs away from people, warmed up to me immediately. It truly felt like seeing Max alive and well again, and this time I got to say a proper goodbye."

"My family and I visited our condo at the beach towards the beginning of quarantine. This short trip gave us all some peace of mind after the first week of strange uncertainty. I saw God’s light shining through the clouds on this foggy, peaceful morning!"

"I was fortunate enough to spend a week with my boyfriend and his dog at my family’s quaint lake house. We enjoyed homemade dinners, sunset walks, intentional conversations, and a week away from the news!"

"One night, I sat in our hot tub for almost an hour with all of the lights off, looking up at the sky and talking to God. Mid-conversation, I realized that this tree is shaped exactly like the tree that was painted on the wall of the bedroom I grew up in. Although I had to say goodbye to my childhood home, the tree came with me!"

"I made a bouquet of roses from the rose bushes in my backyard. The sun was setting and there was a gentle breeze blowing, so it was very therapeutic. This was also a reminder from God that nothing has to be perfect to be beautiful!"




We are so proud of all of our students, and especially our graduating seniors. Thank you for being a part of this group and sharing your faith so willingly with the world!


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