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A Christmas Message from Bishop José 2023


Everything came into being through the Word, and without the Word nothing came into being. What came into being through the Word was life, and the life was the light for all people.

The Word became flesh and made his home among us. (John 1:4, 14)


Peace to you in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


This Christmastide, I am filled with joy and gratitude for each and every one of you. I have been thinking a lot about the profound mystery of the Word made flesh dwelling among us in the person of Jesus Christ and just what that means for us as we head into a brand new year.

Christmas is both a time of celebration and profound joy, and an opportunity for each of us to draw on the wellspring of faith that is nurtured by Christ’s presence with us. 


Christmastide is a season that invites us to embrace the enduring joy that comes from our faith. In the midst of the lights and festive decorations, let us remember that the true source of joy is found in the hope that was born into the world in the person of Jesus.


In a world that often races toward the next moment, Christmastide calls us to slow down and enjoy the simple moments of connection. Whether shared with loved ones or with strangers, these moments can bring us closer to understanding that mystery of presence. 


The true spirit and gift of Christmas is found in the quiet moments of being together. Just as Jesus took on human flesh to dwell among us, let us take the time to abide with one another, appreciating the beauty of shared moments and the warmth of companionship.


In the simplicity of a shared meal, a heartfelt conversation, or a shared smile, we discover the true meaning of Christ's incarnation. These small and seemingly ordinary moments have the power to make a lasting impact, creating ripples of joy and love that extend far beyond the season.


May this Christmastide be a time of deep reflection, a time to draw from the wellsprings of faith within us, and a time to dwell with one another in the spirit of love and joy. May we embrace the simple and profound, being sustained by the enduring grace of Christ's presence in our lives.


I wish you all a blessed and joy-filled Christmastide. May the love of Christ shine brightly in your hearts and homes.



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