Global Mission Grants Awarded 2019

By the Rev. Deacon Clare Barry, Church of the Advocate

The Global Mission grants affirm the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. These grants through our diocese’s support work to alleviate poverty in the Diocese of Western North Carolina, in the U.S. and internationally.  Through our work and efforts, the hands and feet of Christ extend across the world.  With deep appreciation to the Diocese of Western North Carolina for supporting the following grants:

  1. Consider Haiti Clean Water Proposal. Sponsoring parish: St. Matthias, Asheville.  This project will serve 75 families by providing parasite and disease-free clean water filters to more than 400 individuals in Haiti. This also includes education and training.  Grant Amount: $3,000.

  2. Bon Savuer Orphanage.  Sponsoring parish: Incarnation, Highlands. This project will serve 25 abandoned children by helping to pay for staffing, food, and cleanliness for children who are in desperate straits while funds are raised to build a new facility in Haiti.  This will impact these children through providing a better quality of life.  Grant Amount: $2,500

  3.  Jericho Road Soup Kitchen.  Sponsoring parish: St. Gabriel’s Episcopal Church, Rutherfordton. This project Soup Kitchen serves the elderly, poor, addicted and disabled mostly African-American residents in Rutherfordton.  180 nutritious meals are served on each Wednesday.  Grant Amount: $2,500.

  4. ESL Teacher for Our Little Roses. Sponsoring parish: La Capilla de Santa Maria, Hendersonville.  This ministry serves formerly abused and abandoned girls living at Our Little Roses who do not have the opportunity for English education in Honduras. Learning English will help these girls get a job.Currently, 23 girls are enrolled in ESL. Grant Amount: $1,500.

  5. Good Shepherd Literacy Initiative. Sponsoring parish: Good Shepherd, Hayesville.  This ministry serves all children of Clay County from birth to age 6. Clay County is one of the poorest counties in the state.  Literacy is one of the elements of lifting a population out of poverty. The group is seeking funds to help pay for postage so they can receive free books from the Dolly Parton Imagination Library.  Each of the 420 registered children will receive one book a month which will help improve reading readiness and reduce poverty over time.  Grant Amount: $2,250.

  6. Women’s Empowerment Program. Sponsoring parish: St. James, Hendersonville.  This ministry serves disabled children and their mothers, their extended families their communities and professionals in their communities.  There are very few resources in Palestine for children who are disabled.  Disability is considered a stigma which can relegate the child to isolation, little chance of education, well being and a productive life. Grant Amount: $4,250.

  7. New Convection Oven to serve Homeless Men, Women and Children of Haywood County, NC. Sponsoring parish: Grace, Waynesville.  Haywood Pathways Center serves homeless men and will soon serve homeless women and children.  Currently, HPC serves 40 to 85 unduplicated individuals a month.  With the new residential center opening, more meals will need to be served to meet the needs of this growing population.  In 2018 HPC served  314 residents over 40,000 meals. Grant Amount: $2,099.


Total budget available for Global Mission grants in 2019: $18.099