A History of the Episcopal Diocese

in Western North Carolina

Our Story


The Episcopal Diocese of Western North Carolina formally began in 1922, when the Missionary District of Asheville, a part of the Diocese of North Carolina, became a separate and independent Diocese of its own. But we believe our story is deeper and richer than one historical event. Indeed, the foundation of The Episcopal Church in the Blue Ridge Mountains is built upon a fundamental appreciation of the sacred nature of our geography, the perseverance of the early settlers, the humility of our missionaries, and the pioneering spirit of those who worked to exemplify the radical hospitality of God’s love to all people.

We welcome you to discover more of our story and the stories of those who came before us. Indeed, these particular men and women, and many others not mentioned here, all contributed to the abiding character of our diocesan family and continue to inspire us to bear witness to the Gospel imperatives of compassion, justice, reconciliation and joy.

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